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Cheap Cigarettes & Tobacco UK is here to provide the cheapest prices for Australian Made Tobacco and Cigarettes. The Tobacco & Cigarettes available on this site are Made In Australia by either one of the 3 major tobacco companies and we are the only legitimate Australian owned and operational web site selling tobacco and cigarettes products at the cheapest prices possible.

E-Australia Consortium

E-Australia Consortium is a growing company located at Woodcroft Shopping Centre, South Australia has been operating since November 2003. We operate 3 outlets and a small warehouse within the shopping centre premises. Each of the outlets provides specialized personnel to help and advice customers with their respective needs such as Gifts, Licensed Merchandise, Cigarettes, Cigars, Tobacco and Accessories. All tobacco products found on this site are GENUINE and LEGAL products at the LOWEST and AFFORDABLE prices. This means that customers can get MASSIVE price reduction just by purchasing tobacco products from Cheap Cigarettes & Tobacco UK. The picture on the right provides a satellite view of the whereabouts E-Australia Consortium is located through the eyes of the popular Google Earth.


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At cheapcigarettestobacco.co.uk we only sell genuine Australian made cheap & discount cigarettes and tobacco. We sell all of the major tobacco and cigarettes brands at a Cheap & Discount price made by the 5 major international companies.

  1. British American Tobacco Australia
  2. Imperial Tobacco
  3. Philip Morris
  4. Swedish Match
  5. Stuart Alexander

Cheapcigarettestobacco.co.uk is glad to announce that now we sell International brands from the 5 Major tobacco companies.

We have also added the popular Cuban cigars to our range.

Here at www.cheapcigarettestobacco.co.uk you will find the cheapest & Discounted cigars from Cuba such as Romoe Y Julieta, Blivar, Cohiba, Fonseca, Hoyo De Monterrey, Jose L Piedra, Partagas, Punch, Quintero and of course Montecristo.

We have also added famous and popular cigars from Belgium, Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. Brands Such as Real Al Pedro from Belgium and Padron from Nicaragua have been added at a cheap and affordable price.

You will also find the following brands from the Dominican Republic:

  • AVO XO

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Always check to make sure that buying cigarettes on the internet within your country is legal. We cannot guarantee that you won’t be asked to pay tax by custom in your country.

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Always keep in mind that our brands are not from Russia, China or any other 3rd World Country. All of our cheap cigarettes and cheap tobacco are made here in Australia. Some brands are made in the UK (United Kingdom), France, German or the US (United States of America).